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Toyota Tsusho Invests in MOOVA Inc., a Company Promoting Digitalization of Last-Mile Delivery in Latin America

Contributing to a Sustainable Logistics Society and Carbon Neutrality

Toyota Tsusho Corporation (“Toyota Tsusho”) announced today that in June 2023, Toyota Tsusho invested approximately 3 million USD as the lead investor in a total of 5 million USD financing round of MOOVA Inc. (“MOOVA”), which operates last-mile logistics digital platform and other services in the Latin American region.


In the Latin America region, the demand for the last-mile delivery has increased significantly due to strong e-commerce demand and is expected to continue growing in the future. On the other hand,  logistics issues such as increased redeliveries and driver shortages are emerging.

Purpose of Investment

Under the vision of reimagining the last mile for a sustainable world, MOOVA promotes the digitalization of the last-mile delivery industry in order to create a sustainable logistics society. In its last-mile delivery business, MOOVA operates a digital platform called “MOOVA”, which connects shippers and drivers in six countries in the Latin American region (Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay). In its SaaS* provider business for the last-mile delivery , MOOVA is working to improve the efficiency of the entire logistics industry and promote carbon neutrality by offering solutions such as optimal delivery planning and delivery vehicle assignment to transportation companies.

Through this investment, Toyota Tsusho will support MOOVA’s business expansion and promote collaboration utilizing the Toyota Tsusho Group’s global network. In addition, Toyota Tsusho will seek to create synergies such as the utilization of MOOVA’s services in the Toyota Tsusho Group’s mobility business in the Latin American region.

Toyota Tsusho will contribute to a sustainable logistics society and carbon neutrality by working to solve issues in the logistics industry in the Latin American region.

[Overview of MOOVA Inc.]

Corporate NameMOOVA Inc.
LocationBuenos Aires, Argentine Republic (Company is registered in Delaware, U.S.)
RepresentativeAntonio Migliore
Business descriptionLast mile delivery business Sale of SaaS delivery management software

*An abbreviation for Software as a Service, a framework that allows users to access necessary software functions online