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Creating and providing the insurance products that offer peace of mind to families and enterprises across North America, while separately developing global solutions for food and agribusiness.

Our Insurance Story

Through Loyalty Group Insurance Service, Inc., Toyota Tsusho America provides high quality coverage and service to meet the everchanging needs of growing families and businesses throughout the U.S. With a specialty in supporting Japanese expats, we provide full Japanese language support and a step-by-step process for obtaining health, life and auto insurance. Our commitment to customer service, quick response times and helpful support constantly delivers exceptional customer satisfaction.


For businesses, we specialize in policies that cover automotive manufacturing, transportation logistics, agribusiness, raw materials, chemicals and recycling. For manufacturing companies with factories, we are able to utilize our accumulated experience to design insurance programs covering workers compensation, umbrella insurance, marine cargo insurance, management liability (EPLI, Fiduciary, D&O) and more. We also specialize in small business insurance for owners, managers and employees.


Featured Affiliate

Loyalty Group Insurance Service, Inc.

Toyota Tsusho America is a global leader in consumer products and services, including commercial and personal insurance. Loyalty Group Insurance Services (LGIS) was formed in 2009 to provide custom insurance solutions around your needs.

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Our Agribusiness Story

Toyota Tsusho America is a leading trader of corn, soybeans, sorghum, wheat, rice, and other food products for Japan and other Asian markets. Our division also supplies livestock feeds to these same markets. We currently serve a diverse set of domestic and international markets with North American offices in Chicago, Portland and Oakland.


Our Chicago office specializes in exporting grains and soybeans from the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest via containers and bulk vessels. In Oakland and Portland, we specialize in the merchandising of buckwheat and rice exports as well as nuts, dried fruits, potato flakes/granules, fresh/frozen vegetables, and legumes. The Oakland and Portland offices are also focused on the import of food products from China and Southeast Asian countries for sale to domestic customers in the U.S.

Supporting the non-GMO Market

Toyota Tsusho America also leads a non-GMO specialty corn program. This innovative program supports the growing organic and non-GMO markets and focuses on the development of high amylose non-GMO corn and soybeans through strategic partnerships with top domestic grain companies.

Toyota Tsusho America Lifestyle Division

Agribusiness & Food Solutions



TAI has decades of experience in the export of nuts and dried fruits as well as buckwheat, legumes, and dried and frozen vegetables.


Onsite & Near Site Logistics

Toyota Tsusho America imports food commodities including mung beans, dried fruits, and dried vegetables for sale to customers in the U.S. and Mexico.



We work closely with our suppliers and customers to ensure consistent product quality and on-time delivery, plus adherence to strict food safety standards including the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).