Corporate Social Responsibility

Caring For Communities is Our Business, Too


At Toyota Tsusho America, we know there is more we can do for our communities beyond creating jobs and providing products and services. That’s why we’ve created a plan to build more CSR partnerships across the U.S., increase our giving to the causes that matter most to our employees, incentivize volunteerism, and donate our business and supply chain know-how to make a difference in the places we call home.



It’s why in April 2020, our company leveraged its vast global supply chain expertise and network to secure 10,000+ N95 masks for the state of Kentucky at no cost. And, it’s why we’re investing where it matters most: organizations like SOAR (“Saving Our Appalachian Region”), Salvation Army and American Red Cross for disaster relief, and Teach for America to support college coaching programs in underserved communities. 

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Giving Back to Our Community


Katie Eddington is no ordinary 12-year-old from Georgetown, Kentucky. With grit, work ethic and amazing talent, the Paralympian hopeful has already set national age group records in some of the most competitive divisions in American youth track and field.


Toyota Tsusho America is all about exceptional effort and performance. That’s why we’ve invested in Katie Bug Racing and sponsored her journey to compete at the highest level. We are inspired by Katie and her team, and we look forward to seeing her amazing accomplishments on and off the track. 

Environmental Responsibility

Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. regards the protection and nurture of the Earth’s environment as a crucial management issue, as well as a strategic business direction. We will strive toward the creation of a sustainable society through our daily activities and programs for protecting the environment and preserving biodiversity in our business development activities as we seek to create and manage businesses related to recycling and resource conservation.


Our goals for the environmental management program are:

  • Maintain ISO 14001 certification
  • Reduce environmental risks
  • Improve business processes from an environmental standpoint
  • Sale of environment-friendly products and services

We understand that addressing environmental issues is not just a business responsibility, but is essential for our society’s existence. Therefore we will take a very proactive approach to these issues and seek to be a model of responsible corporate environmental stewardship.

Conflict Mineral Policy

Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. (TAI) exercises care to avoid the procurement, sale or distribution of materials that are unlawful or are obtained through unethical means. TAI recognizes the issue of conflict minerals is one of the significant social issues among international supply chains; TAI strives for procurement free from conflict minerals.


TAI will continue to strive for responsible material procurement in cooperation with its suppliers by implementing a risk-based approach.


Click here to search for a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for products purchased from Toyota Tsusho America.


With a customized processing facility, fully constructed concrete flooring and retention/disposal beds and bays, Green Metals ensures that recycled scrap metal products and the planet never meet.


Our detailed analysis of individual scrap generators enables the company to develop and implement tailored scrap recycling programs that ensures customers competitive pricing, prompt service, and maximum environmental protection.


Visit the Green Metals website for more information.

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