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Digital Solutions

Creating and collaborating with companies that develop innovative hardware and software solutions. Provide effective digital products that support the electrification of the automotive/mobility as well as advanced manufacturing sectors.

Our Digital Solutions Story

With a focus on purchasing, logistics and supply chain services for automotive and non-automotive electronics, Digital Solutions represents the leading automotive electronics producers and provides sourcing and logistics support to some of the world’s premier OEMs and auto parts manufacturers. As the automotive industry continues to electrify at a rapid pace, Toyota Tsusho Systems U.S., Inc. (TTS-US) and NEXTY Electronics (subsidiary companies of Toyota Tsusho) are committed to providing the purchasing, logistics and operational services necessary to support this changing industry.


We also support innovative technical development, including software, integration, automation, and data services. As information technology becomes increasingly more critical in advanced manufacturing, Toyota Tsusho America has expanded into these services, including providing valuable outsourcing for IT and integration services to many North American OEMs.

Toyota Tsusho America Digital Solutions Division


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Automotive Electronic Devices

Including a broad inventory of electronic components, electronic accessories and semiconductors. Toyota Tsusho America also produces components for infotainment, including cameras and safety sensors, and engine management systems (EMS), including sensors, relays, actuators, and more.

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& Development

Including volume software licensing for Microsoft, CISCO, CATIA, XVL, Librestream, and more. Toyota Tsusho America also provides technology systems and application development including global app and web support.

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& Security

Networking and security is a specialty of Toyota Tsusho America. Providing network topology, integration, IT security, monitoring and multilingual helpdesk.

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Automotive Telematics

Toyota Tsusho America provides parts and systems for GPS systems, onboard vehicle diagnostics and other electronic components that record and transmit vehicle data, such as speed, location, maintenance requirements and servicing, and cross-reference this data with the vehicle’s internal behavior.


Featured Affiliate

Toyota Tsusho NEXTY Electronics

TOYOTA TSUSHO NEXTY ELECTRONICS is an innovative company positioned to become a leader in the procurement and distribution of high-technology modules and systems for the automotive sector.


As technology advances and the mobility industry transforms, NEXTY will provide solutions for our industry by supporting the evolution of car electronics towards autonomous driving and aligning these technologies with the needs of customers.


Click here to visit the NEXTY Electronics website