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Supply Chain

Creating and supporting companies that improve, protect, and connect supply chains by reducing risk and generating value. Providing procurement and supply chain options for customers in dynamic, rapidly changing global markets.

Our Supply Chain Story

Toyota Tsusho America’s Supply Chain division provides world-class expertise in processing, sourcing, purchasing, exports, customs, quality assurance, supply chain risk management, kitting, and warehouse management.


With logistics locations across the U.S. and North America, we provide management of critical trading lanes, improving supply chain consistency while offering freight consolidation opportunities that control logistics costs. Our supply chain and production experts also specialize in sequencing and sub-assembly services resulting in a highly reliable flow of components at an unmatched value for our customers.


In the case of an unpredictable event, such as natural disasters, political unrest, facility accidents, or labor shortages, our team of experts mitigate interruptions based on your company’s specific requirements.

Transportation & Assembly Services

Additional expertise includes on-site and internal logistics yard management, sub-assembly, sequencing, conveyance and assembly operations. Our experienced sales teams also supply OEMs with internationally and domestically sourced automotive interior parts and accessories. Transportation services are completed through our affiliated trucking firm, TLD Logistics, to supply critical parts to major automotive plants. In a year, our team handles as many as 3,000 import containers and 500 export containers for more than 250 customers.

Toyota Tsusho America Supply Chain Division

Global Parts


Order Processing, Exporting & Customs

Reduced shipping lead time. Transportation cost-savings.


Warehouse Management

Best in class managed transportation & warehousing services.



Custom products. Flexible product delivery cycles.




One point of contact for customer service. Local language, currency and culture.

TAI North America Map

Chicago, IL

Los Angeles, CA

Silao, Mexico

Georgetown, KY

San Antonio, TX

Apaseo el Grande, Mexico

Monterrey, Mexico

Woodstock, Ontario

Farmington Hills, MI

Princeton, IN

Maryville, TN

Chattanooga, TN

Huntsville, AL

Knoxville, TN

Lafayette, IN

Franklin, IN

Charlestown, IN

Cambridge, Ontario

San Diego, CA

Dallas, TX

Laredo, TX

El Paso, TX

Phoenix, AZ

San Antonio, TX

Blue Springs, MS

San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Toyota Tsusho Supply Chain Network

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Toyota Tsusho America Supply Chain Division


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Improve delivery frequency and cubic efficiency in the trailer.

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Onsite & Near Site Logistics

Trailer yard management and conveyance to the production line in sync with your production progress.
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Transportation cost reductions, maintaining balance of cubic efficiency and delivery frequency through improved route design.

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Integrated transportation services including cross border operations.

Module Production

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Tire Wheel

Toyota Tsusho America, with our joint venture companies, produces millions of tire wheel assemblies every year.

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& Bumpers

Toyota Tsusho America specializes in the assembly of headliners and bumpers.

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Toyota Tsusho America develops sources, assembles and distributes airbag cushions, seat inserts and automotive carpet to meet high safety standards.

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Toyota Tsusho America also develops sources, assembles and distributes many OEM parts, including sun shades, roof racks, console inserts, and wheel assemblies.


Featured Project

Toyota Tsusho America Kitting and Exporting

Toyota Tsusho America’s parts kitting, subassembly, and sequencing creates efficiency and reduces waste within the vehicle manufacturing process. We have the expertise to manage complex picking, packaging, receiving, and inventory programs for a wide variety of automotive components. We also manage and streamline the process by removing dunnage and corrugated material before shipping the assemblies.


The result? Higher productivity, lower labor costs, lower freight costs as well as reduced space requirements for our customers.


Team Member Spotlight

Brandon M.

People who work with Brandon M. should be prepared for noise. That’s because the operations manager for Global Parts believes in togetherness. “I didn’t want the office set up into a sales team, an operations team, an accounting team,” he said. “We are one team, and that’s the way we’re configured.” There are no partitions. People sit close together. Padded chairs to make it inviting to amble over and get an answer to a problem— then and there. The arrangement has led some visitors to describe it as the loudest office they’ve encountered. But to Brandon,it’s not loud; it’s effective.


“A lot of offices don’t want disruptions. We don’t see it as disruptions. We see it as taking care of our problems,” he said. “And it helps build confidence because people don’t like to not have the answer. They don’t like to send the email that shows maybe they don’t know something. And when they can go to someone and get the answer, it helps them learn it in a way they’ll remember.”

He is an evangelist for another aspect of the company: its willingness to promote and support ambitious, talented people.