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Metal Plus

30+ years of expertise in procurement and logistics of traditional metals, like steel and aluminum, plus creating value chains for new materials that the modern mobility market demands.

Our Supply Chain Story

Making sure our customers’ manufacturing plants have the mobility materials and metal products they need when they need it. Building on our expertise in forecasting, ordering, transportation, processing, storage, and quality assurance of steel and traditional metal products across North America, we’re creating new value chains for the diverse materials needed for modern mobility.


Our extensive network of steel processing facilities throughout North America, and our unmatched track record of limited downtime, ensure that the right product is delivered at the right time.


We combine that expertise with a customer-first approach to deliver unmatched support. That’s why we’re the metal supply chain resource leading companies have counted on for over 30 years in North America.

Toyota Tsusho America Metal Plus Division

Metal Solutions

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& Stock Control

We work with all major steel mills to ensure competitive pricing for your stock needs based on total unit weight. But we also go the extra mile to arrange a tentative order of additional back-up materials so in the rare occasions that a mill experiences a shortage or delay you still have the materials you need.

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& Storage

We offer added value and efficiency with inhouse processing services. This allows you to keep your metal supply chain processes moving as quickly as possible, while avoiding additional costs by having to consult, hire, and transport your goods via a third-party processor.

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Coil Delivery & Transportation

Our team is intimately familiar with the risks, stressors, and strict government regulations that come with the transportation process for heavy coils. By using container vanning and devanning technology, we maintain the integrity of the product and provide the safest transportation process possible for both the metal itself and the truck driver & team members handling it.

Kanban inventory management system

We use the Kanban inventory management system to eliminate bottlenecks and minimize your costs in delivery. With Kanban, you’ll have a clear picture of the exact amount of materials you need and when you need them, virtually eliminating excess stock and freeing up valuable warehousing space.


Lean manufacturing systems use the Kanban as a technique to keep inventory levels as low as possible. In lean manufacturing, the process pulls materials through the production or distribution process. The Kanban system provides a signal for reordering or replenishing stock.

TAI North America Map

Los Angeles, CA

Houston, TX

Silao, Mexico

Chicago, IL

Maryville, TN

New York, NY

Georgetown, KY

San Antonio, TX

Apaseo el Grande, Mexico

Blue Springs, MS

Madison, AL

Princeton, IN

Knoxville, TN

Weirton, WV

Bridgeport, CT

Monterrey, Mexico

San Luis Potosí, Mexico

Toyota Tsusho North American Steel Processing Network

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Featured Affiliate


TOYOTA TSUSHO PROCESSING DE MEXICO (TTPM) processes more than 60,000 metric tons of stainless steel a year. Located in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, TTPM processes steel plates with a focus on stainless steel products to meet growing demand in a wide range of industries. 


Featured Affiliate

Feroleto Steel Company

FEROLETO STEEL COMPANY’S products are ideal for a number of markets and an extensive range of applications including automotive, electrical, appliance and specialty deep-drawn applications. These products are available in a variety of tempers, thicknesses, gauges and widths to meet all client needs and requirements.


Featured Affiliate


TECHNO STEEL PROCESSING DE MÉXICO supplies steel and non-ferrous metal products to industries including medical, electrical and oil/gas industries. They manufacture and sell electrical steel plates and secondary steel products for domestic and foreign markets


Featured Affiliate

Georgetown Metal Processing

Georgetown Metal Processing is a full service, steel processing service center, which specializes in blanking and warehousing in North America. Our product range includes aluminum, flat-rolled steel, cold-rolled steel, exposed and coated steel products. We have industry-leading technology and highly trained team members located in our 80,000 square foot climate-controlled facility.

Georgetown Metal Processing is certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) as a minority owned business.


Team Member Spotlight

Josh G.

Josh G.’s nickname at Toyota Tsusho America is “Crush.” (“It’s not because I break things,” he reassures people when they first meet him.) As tall and strong as he may be, however, he also feels like a giant when it comes to the people he works with and works for.


“My time here has been amazing,” he said. “I’ve had a lot experiences and been able to travel. It’s more like a family. The 12-hours shifts mean you get to know people.”


Eight years ago, he started as a team member. Now, he is a team leader. While the transition to leadership can be challenging for some people, Josh feels like he has role models above him. “Upper management is terrific. If you need something, they help you get it and do their best to accommodate you.”


He knew he had found a home when he noticed how long people stayed at Toyota Tsusho. “Most of the guys who trained me have been here 10-15 years. I knew that if they had been here that long, it had to be a good place,” he said, pointing specifically to the generous VACATION TIME and BONUSES. “Now I get to train the younger guys,” he said.


Featured Affiliate

Blue Springs Metals

BLUE SPRINGS METALS is a full service, steel processing service center, which specializes in slitting, blanking and warehousing in North America. Their product range includes flat rolled steel, hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, exposed and coated steel products and oil country tubular goods (OCTG).


BLUE SPRINGS METALS is certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council as a minority owned business. Their team members are highly trained and work in a 240,000 square foot climate-controlled facility.


Visit the Blue Springs Metals website


Featured Affiliate

Millennium Steel

MILLENNIUM STEEL is a dedicated supplier of steel services including slitting and warehousing. With locations in Princeton, Indiana and San Antonio, Texas, MILLENNIUM STEEL is well equipped to serve large OEM’s. MILLENNIUM STEEL is certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council as a minority owned business.


Visit the Millennium Steel website