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Now, we can make more happen together – for the good of our company and our communities – with TAI’s two new employee engagement programs launching this summer.

Toyota Tsusho America cares about you and the causes you care about. That’s why we’re launching two new hubs that help us recognize the ways you make your community and our workplaces better.


Keep scrolling to learn more about how you can spread some good with Toyota Tsusho America.

Set Up Your

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At Toyota Tsusho America, generosity is in our DNA. That’s why we are proud to launch GOODNESS HUB to enable more charitable giving and volunteerism, and recognize all the ways you’re making our communities better.

As a thank you for logging in, you’ll be awarded $25 to give to an eligible cause!

Goodness Hub is your digital connection to learn about and sign up for volunteer opportunities in your community and make secure online donations to the charitable causes that matter most to you.

  • Donate to match-eligible causes and TAI will double your donation gift (up to $250).
  • Track your donations to vetted causes and manage tax receipts in one place.
  • Earn donation dollars for volunteering (up to 10 hours).
  • Just for logging in, you will receive $25 to donate to any eligible cause of your choice!
Get started by logging into Goodness Hub by using the QR code available on all posters and signage or by visiting GOODNESSHUB.BENEVITY.ORG. You can also download the Benevity app from the App Store, Google Play, or the Company Portal to login and stay connected to Goodness Hub.

  • If you have SSO, enter your network ID + password
  • If you do not have SSO (do not have a company email), you will sign in with your Workday user ID and create a unique one-time password at login.

  • Password: The first time you login, you will enter the following for your introductory password.

    • the initials of your first and last name, capitalized
    • followed by: _
    • followed by: your 2-digit birth month and 2-digit birth date
    • followed by: !
    Example Password: GH_0923!
  • Once logged in, check out our Goodness Guidelines for rules of the program and to find more details on eligibility requirements and budget allowances.
  • View the Help section, in Goodness Hub (by clicking Help under your name in the top right of the screen) for more information on using the site, access to FAQs and how to contact platform support.  
  • If you still have questions about Goodness Hub, please contact

Set Up Your


to be eligible for recognition and prizes

It only takes a few minutes. Watch the video and create your Toyota Tsusho Pulse Hub Profile today to earn your first 500 points!


Having trouble viewing the video below? Check your firewall setting or login to Workday or the Zone to view it.

Pulse Hub FAQ

Pulse Hub is the digital destination to engage with your peers and teams, recognize and reward a job well done, and celebrate milestones – big and small – together.

A PULSE HUB account gives you access to exciting new ways to engage with your TAI coworkers. Plus, who doesn’t love prizes for all the ways you make things happen for TAI?

Get started by logging into Pulse Hub using the QR code available on all posters and signage or by visiting You can also download the Achievers app from the App Store, Google Play, or the Company Portal to login and stay connected to Pulse Hub.


Your Pulse Hub username is the same as the one you use to get into Workday. For any Team Members who do not have a network ID, this will be your Workday username.


First-Time Login Password

Your first-time login password will be:

  • the initials of your first and last name, capitalized
  • followed by an underscore, “_”
  • followed by your 4-digit birth month and date
  • followed by an exclamation point, “!”
  • Example: PW_0923!

Management will be given points monthly to award to members who have done something they want to recognize. This may include a Kaizen or a demonstration of Teamwork, Leadership, Respect for Diversity, Compliance and Safety, Shokon (indomitable spirit) or Genchi, Genbutsu, Gengitsu (go and see for yourself), etc.


Points can be accumulated and exchanged for items, or “prizes”, in the Pulse Hub Marketplace or channeled toward a charitable donation.


All employees receive 500 points just for logging in the first time.

If you have questions about Pulse Hub, please contact Will Kiefer.